Early Childhood Art

Early Childhood Art Education

I'm the Artist in Residence at Center of Gravity, an I3 Institute Lab School. It's a preschool that is centered around the core philosophies of STEM. I teach my art curriculum to children in small groups, using pedagogy from Harvard’s Studio Thinking Project. ~ Maritza

I believe these are vital to a life-long enjoyment of the arts:


• Building visual arts skills with a variety of materials, tools, and projects

• Using good quality art materials (paper, paints, and brushes) in small amounts

• Being specific about best practices for art materials and tools


• Providing opportunity for open ended process art times

• Giving projects that have parameters that can be pushed and explored

• Giving projects that can capture what's charming in a child's mark-making, even if the project isn't fully explored

• Making sure a child's work is his/her own, with child-led decisions once the project has been explained


• Encouraging persistence in taking an idea into creation, sticking with it even when the result isn't what was expected

• Balancing individual expression with collaboration skills in using the art studio materials

• Having go-to phrases to reinforce confidence and best practices with art making

• Giving opportunity to learn color decision making through limited and open color pallets


• Teaching how to look with intention, reflect on what's been made, and discuss the process with others

• Seeing fine art past and present, with a commitment to showing diverse art and artists


• Providing information  for parents to understand the art lessons

• Framing the artwork by attaching it onto blank card stock paper, so that it's set apart as art rather than throwaway

• Selecting artwork to be kept in a portfolio, for future appreciation

• Teaching the families how to set up and use an art area in the home


Although I am not taking on any more school programs at this time, I am available to consult with you as you develop an art program in your school. ~ Maritza 🙂