I’m using the front gallery at The Studio Mind as expanded studio space while I finish these paintings made since Fall 2016. I hosted two shows in Spring 2017 (“Knots in the Stream” with work by Mary Burger; and “Person, Place, or Queen”, work by the participants of RES Success and curated by their art therapist, Mariah Dancing.) Although I hope to host more shows in the future, I’ve had to set aside art exhibition plans while I take time to chip away at my own art practice. When the time is right, I’ll be able to use this amazing front gallery space to host more contemporary art shows for the Diablo Valley. In the meantime, check out my Activate! shop, where I am using my drawings to raise funds for the causes listed there. 
~Maritza Ruiz-Kim

Thanks to the friends who were able to come out to Saturday night's opening reception as well as the the friends + family near & far who support my work as an artist. I really *really* enjoyed talking about art & life, not only about what I'm doing in this project but also about art in general. I got to hear what artists and paintings have made the biggest impressions on my non-artist friends, ones that have stayed with them through the years. I really enjoyed that, not only because several people talked about it unprompted, but because it gave me a view into how art affects different people in different ways. Super cool! p.s. I have this show up through the end of August, and in addition to at least a closing reception at the end of the summer, I can make arrangements to meet anyone for appointments to come by the studio. Just message me & let me know. xoxo ~mrk #keepgoing #gettingbackup #failingforward #acceptance #hope and #painting #acrylicpainting #contemporaryart #abstract #abstractart #goldenacrylics #thestudiomind #artstudio #fineart #dailypractice #californiaart #bayareaart #eastbayart #eastbay #martinezCA #downtownmartinez #artcelerator #artbeat

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All the work pictured here is ready to hang for the opening at my space in Martinez, CA, a week from tomorrow— stop by if you can! I'm going to use the summer season to hang my work. So I plan to (read: I'm doing my best to) write what I'm thinking about as I hang this work. These are the paintings I started after #Nov8 last year, when I was slammed twice, the health of one of my kids that very afternoon, then, well, you know… #election2016. I wanted progress, but it wasn't. #Progress is the premise and name of this show, Prog*ress* as a verb. Not just a noun, not just a place to get to, but about making our way however we can, like that #progressnotperfection saying, with an emphasis on the way we strive for change, when we can't be complacent, when we have to do something, somehow. And whatever we have to offer, we offer it out into the world. #WorkInProgress I'm gonna hang these paintings as they are, and even though art is supposed to be #finished by the opening reception, it was *always* my intention to show these in whatever state I had them in by that date, to take that risk and experience the incompleteness and rawness of it. So here we are. And although I liked my idea of doing this, the doing it hasn't been as easy as thinking about doing it, coz I tend to actually want #perfectionnotprogress. Three of these are in a state I'm mostly happy with, a couple are almost there, one is fairly unfinished and a couple are irritating me. And while the show is up and on display, I plan to keep working at these and the installation as a whole, to convey through these paintings but also through the way I arrange and move the work around, text I add in, video art I want to do and show… I have plans, hopes. Life often intervenes. Over and over! Even so, though, here we go. Coz I can't handle doing nothing. So, onward! 😊~maritza #keepgoing #gettingbackup #failingforward #acceptance #hope and #painting #acrylicpainting #contemporaryart #abstract #abstractart #goldenacrylics #thestudiomind #californiaart #bayareaart #eastbayart #eastbay #martinezCA #downtownmartinez #artcelerator #artbeat

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